About Us

esler_mapline copyWorking Philosophy

Esler Golf Designs is a professional golf course architectural firm specializing in the restoration, design and construction of superb golf courses.  From our inception, we asserted that Esler Golf Designs would become known for its excellence in design and attention to detail.  To accomplish this goal, we resolved to strictly limit the number of projects Esler Golf Designs will undertake at any one time, and we continue to do so.  This is a unique approach to our profession, and affords us the time for extensive supervision that ensures the time for extensive supervision that ensures the quality our clients require and we demand.

David A. Esler is the project architect for any and all work we elect to undertake.  We have a small support staff that will assist Mr. Esler in the generation of design documents and administrative tasks.  However, David A. Esler is wholly responsible for all design work.

We at Esler Golf Designs have no particular interest in becoming overly prolific.  We decided early on to create a few outstanding golf courses rather than a great number of ordinary ones.  Besides our golf course design and construction expertise, we bring to each project a perspective forged by years of experience in international professional golfing competition, formal training and degrees in Landscape Architecture and Business Marketing, and service on Golf Digest’s Top 100, Best Public, and Best New Course selection committees.  We believe this uncommon partnership of practical experience and intimate knowledge of the game of golf enables Esler Golf Designs to create courses of timeless beauty and valve.

Design Philosophy

We at Esler Golf Designs believe in the necessity of working with our clients to achieve their design goals.  We embrace the process of teamwork and look for input from our clients and allied consultants to help provide conceptual goals.  Once goals are established and site information is gathered and synthesized the actual golf course design can begin.  Throughout this process we continually visit the site to grow familiar and comfortable with its character and eccentricities that often inspire innovative design.

Client input, financial goals and market conditions will contribute to the design style.  However, it is usually the best course of action to let the nature of the site determine much of the design and style.  While Esler Golf Designs has been involved in projects of nearly every imaginable style, we tend to gravitate towards the simplicity and elegance of natural and traditional character.  We believe our project design style and inspiration is somewhat eclectic, however, we are always eager work to achieve our client’s specific goals through a variety of design options.

Since our inception Esler Golf Designs has championed the cause of traditional, naturalistic golf course design.  Naturalistic design is an approach that had slowly declined in golf architecture with the advent of heavy earth moving equipment and escalating real estate prices.  Ironically it will be the economic and environmental realities caused by those factors that may constrict the current growth and sustainability of golf development.

We believe in the attributes of the strategic design philosophy, and the importance of providing variety throughout our golf courses.  Variety is manifested through the creative use of site topography, environment, vegetation, and an imaginative diversity of hoe lengths, alignments, target, and hazards.  Our years of professional competition and studies of the great courses have instilled a deep appreciation for the shot values a well designed strategic golf hole places on players of all abilities.

Sound strategic design will utilize the existing site contour, and often employs a minimum of hazards to achieve and understated success.  Strategic golf holes also have the unique and desirable quality of testing the accomplished player, but still encouraging the beginner to succeed and enjoy the game.  Although we always work to discover the heroic and sometimes penal holes that most every site will generate, it is a core of sound strategic golf holes which fit the natural landscape that insure critical acclaim and playability over time.

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